Technical Details

At The Soundhouse we have the best technology available to maximise the quality of your production, including:

ProTools HD version 12 – for the ultimate in audio recording and editing flexibility (Plugins include: Altiverb, Speakerphone, Vocalign & Waves Gold Bundle)

Fast Mac 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 computers with latest Operating Software

Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle – for extensive video playback options

Soundminer HD+ database system – for powerful sound effects cataloguing and delivery

DDP Creator – for a wide range of audio CD mastering possibilities

Comprehensive microphone collection – covering everything from stereo Neumanns to Coles lip mics

We can also offer remote recording and talent direction via ISDN, Source Connect, Skype or standard telephone connection.

File transfers are available via our own secure FTP site or using our Wetransfer Plus account.

The Soundhouse Studios are listed on the Sounds in Sync> ADR Directory

If you have any specific technical enquiries please contact The Soundhouse

t: +44 (0)20 8743 2677