Covid-19 & Air Conditioning: 23rd May 2020

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,

Following the debate about the safety of air conditioning which was sparked by the Radio 5 Live program on May 17th,
we would very much like to give you all some reassurance about the way our systems are installed at The Soundhouse.

Within each studio we have completely separate air conditioning units for the control room and the recording space.
This means that there is no mixing of the air between the rooms via the air conditioning systems. ,
If you are working in the recording space then you will not be sharing the air with the engineer in the adjoining control room.

We should also stress that the chilled air from any of the air conditioning units is constantly mixed with fresh air from the outside world, ,
otherwise the rooms would very quickly be starved of oxygen! ,
This means that you are not breathing recycled air which has been going round and round through the system ducting all day

We are being extremely mindful of cleaning all table surfaces, door handles, headphones, computer equipment, music stands etc.,
with Isopropyl Alcohol between any jobs that are coming into the studios. ,
We’d like to think that we’re keeping The Soundhouse as safe as we possibly can,
for all our visitors and staff, but if you have any specific concerns then please do get in touch with us to discuss them.

We look forward to seeing you in the fullness of time!

The Soundhouse

Covid 19 : The Soundhouse - Update: 13th May 2020

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues,

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on May 10th
we would like to update you with our current plans for re-opening the studios.

Our main priority is to keep all our clients and staff as safe as possible,
but we think it would now be feasible to re-open the studios on a very limited basis.

This would mean that:

  • We will be staffing the building with the bare minimum of personnel,
    so it is likely that only an engineer will be present to oversee recording sessions.

  • We would ask all clients and actors who might be attending recording sessions
    to come prepared with their own packed lunches and snacks for the time being.

  • Our kitchen area is still stocked with all the usual hot drinks on a self-service basis.

  • We have hand sanitiser, isopropyl alcohol and liquid soap for general use.

  • We strongly encourage all people travelling to the studios to avoid public transport where at all possible.
    We have plenty of parking spaces available on site for those able to drive in.
    We can also store bikes inside or outside the building.

  • We will provide each actor with a separate microphone and position them at safe distances within the recording studio areas.
    All equipment, work surfaces and doors will be regularly sanitised.

  • We can arrange remote connections with producers or editors to help reduce the number of people attending a session if necessary.

  • The reception area will not be staffed initially, so our telephone line will continue to offer
    a diversion to Mark or Gerry if a conversation is required.
    Otherwise please email us with any ongoing booking enquiries and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    The Soundhouse is one of London’s busiest and most experienced audio recording and post-production facilities.
    With seven digital sound studios, we offer a comprehensive range of high quality professional services to producers
    working in radio, television, drama, education, animation, spoken word, corporate and multimedia.

    We have 5 recording studios and 2 editing suites, enabling us to cover everything from large cast dramas to single voice readings.
    In addition to all this we have a separate rehearsal room and plenty of comfortable recreational space for relaxation.

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