We love poetry and we are very fortunate that The Poetry Archive like to record at The Soundhouse.

Fleur Adcock writes: " Poems are composed of the poet’s voice, they are made of the speech of the poet. Their rhythm, structure and vocabulary are those of the person who writes them… Only the poet can give the correct rhythmical interpretation and phrasing to his or her own sentences."

They have a wonderful selection of poetry on the website, www.poetryarchive.org and you can download your favourites for a minimal fee.

To hear a selection of poets read their work with their own intonation and inflection, click on the titles below:

Moniza Alvi

Reads Mermaid

Tara Bergin

Reads 'At The Lakes with Roberta'

Sandeep Parmar

Reads 'Invocation'

Connie Bensley

Reads 'In the Palm of His Hands'

Hannah Lowe

Reads 'Ribs'

Isobel Dixon

Reads 'After Grief'

If you are new to poetry, check out their guide ‘ How to get the most out of The Archive

The Poetry Archive is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to bringing recordings of the best of every kind of poetry in English to a worldwide audience.

Click here to find out how you donate to support the archive.

They have a wonderful selection of poetry on their website.